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january 2014

1.25.2014 3:8pm

i have calmed down. i will try this again. i have at least figured out how to make the type black on white. i am a genius.
i've decided that i am going to write everywhere and remain fluid.
i will write here, i will write on my fb (both the fan page and my personal), i will write the longer more thoughtful entries at my livejournal. i will chit chat on fb and google+.
etc etc
videos: vimeo, youtube, bambuser and google+ (hangouts on air)

i've dicovered a thing called manycam that makes me like streaming. sadly if i try to use it for anything but streaming on google plus or try to make a video with it, it crashes. such is life. maybe someday when i get a new computer it will work on there.
i know you're fascinated.
i'm not writing this for you but for me so i can rememeber what was happening in my life at certain times so i can compare/contrast/self reflect.

i've really been digging the google hangouts on air. i have been on 4 now called "haunted spaceship 001-004")
go search for them on youtube. i am trying to decide how to use these google hangouts on air for an anacam project so that is what i am thinking about right now.

and i went back to my bambuser page to see if it still stream and it does although i have no idea how many people can watch at a time or how many hours i can even have.

i could go to something like justintv but that isn't the audience i am aiming for.
also i still have reservations about a place that would not even reply to me when i asked if i could give birth to my second child live on their site. talk about a missed opportunity for them.

i like people and places that have vision and aren't afraid to be real.

i really do want to stream live now that i have dicovered manycam because i can put effects on it and even change the sound. this makes me feel happy because 1. it's something trhat interests me and 2. i think it's pretty and 3. it protects my children which is THEE most important thing of all and the reason i have not had a cam since they were 1 years old. now lili, the firstborn, is in kindergarten. can you believe? violet will start kindergarten next year.

this is another reason why it is hard to get some time and energy to work on this. so slow going. but i am an aries and will persevere.

that's all i have to say right now. i'm in a very pragmatic mood.

1.8 5:52pm
i am going insane trying to find a way to upload a frickin webcam picture up to my site every 30 seconds. i don't know why everything in the world seems to be conspiring to stop me from doing this one simple simple thing.
and i just NOW got my macromedia dreamweaver to recognize my password so i am able to write this right now. it would not work for me for a long time. now , all of a sudden, it decides to recognize my password and work again.
i have to find some other software for web design. but i can't find any that isn't this or the coffeecup kind. i want a wysiwyg type of web design thing.
i am so frustrated right now i want to crawl into the shower and scream.
this is probably be the lst thing i get to write here for the next year. that is how this seems to work these days for me.
i am writing my journal over at LJ again now:
i'd make that be a link but every time i try to make it be a link the link is white and so you cannot see it against this white background. i don't knwo if i am losing my mind and memory but i cannot even do a simple thing like change the colour of a link so you can see it. this is pathetic.
where is the freaking tab to make a link a certain colour?
i need a webmaster so bad.
i need a person who can just create for me a simple ftp programme that can ftp an image from a webcam up to my site every 30 seconds.
why can't i find anyone to do this for me?
why can't i find a webmaster?
why can't i find any help at all?
i feel blocked from every angle i try to do anything.
it's making me feel insane.
i don't know what more to say right now.
i am trying my best.
all i know that i CAN do right now is make little videos on my ipod and upload them to vimeo
that is something i can do.
i also have a webcam i bought that arrived yesterday so i can use it for google hangouts and "the haunted spaceship" show. just search for that on youtube.
i'd give you a link but i have no idea what the link is or even how to make one that yoyu will be able to see on this white background.
it's ridiculous.

here is a photo of me from my new webcam as i try to figure out how to put a webcam on this page or just get this image to show up here or anywhere.
i think i did it now. but if there is a broken x after i upload this we can all have a good laugh.
those are my cheap reader glasses from target.
i have to go now and calm down.
go read stuff at my livejournal.
i also am on tumblr and every other freaking social media thing you can think of. instagram. everything. i'd like to get it all connected onto this page but i don't know how.
if you would be interested in helping me out in designing my site please email me:
i have no money to pay you but it will look good on your resume and it will be good karma.
i don't need anything fancy i just want a page i can write like this on and a page that has my cam.
is that too much to ask?
i just want SIMPLE.
how did i ever do this before? i don't even know. how did i do this for 12 years?
is my brain dissolving?
apparently so.
ok, that's all i have time for now. please email me if you can help me.

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