hello, my name is:
Ana Clara Voog
from my world to yours….welcome!
let me begin by answering some questions you might have:
  • how do I pronounce your name?
  • what is anacam?
  • why have you decided to do this?
  • what are your personal statistics?
  • what do you do for a living?
  • are those things dogs or cats? and what’s the deal with the mannequins?
  • what software do you use for your webcam and how can i start my own?
  • who designed your website?
  • how do I submit anapix?
  • how can i email you, chat with you, or send you something in the mail?

How Do I Pronounce my name?


my name is pronounced (ah-nah), where the ‘ah’ sounds like the ‘o’ in bomb; voog where the ‘oo’ sounds like the ‘oo’ in broom.

Why Have I Decided To Do This?


curiousity. to experiment. to study human nature/culture.

but mostly i feel i have a lot of cool things to share and communicate to a worldwide “audience” in a totally spontaneous and immediate way from the comfort of my home.

this appealed to me, since I’m actually an introvert and prefer to be alone. and no middleman! no marketing strategy! no political showbiz bullshit! yay!

i want to keep expanding myself in the different ways i can communicate. i’m an artist to my core.

it was such an intense idea. and i like intense, and i like to push boundaries of what people think a woman is and isn’t.

i want to break stereotypes. because i am in “showbiz” people always want to know about me, and they usually get it all wrong and try to put me into a neat little compartmentalized package for mass consumption( and they still do continue to do this ).

it’s like having a speculum up your ass and that’s all they can see..just one part of my body (and a small one at that!) they can’t see the whole picture.

so i’m also doing this to say

but mostly, all analyzing aside, i’m just doing this for the pure surreal fun of it. no lie. it’s just plain simple fun.

i think i’m more amused by this project than anyone!

i just think this is a fabulous opportunity to share things with you through my art, and in that process, learn more about EVERYTHING!

So Are Those Furry Things Running Around loose in Your House Cats?


nope, they’re dogs. the skinniest one is named named pooka and the more stocky one is named deiter. the breed that they are is japanese chins and they are best fluff monsters ever! pooka never barks, and deiter only barks a tiny bit when he’s playing. mostly they make snorting or whirring sounds. someday I’ll have to tape their sounds so you can hear them. it’s TOO cute! now even they have their own personal fan sites (made by “thee faerie princess-in-training” morgaine). go to hello.to/pooka. and my mannequins names are : charlotte, alice, sylvia, montreal, and grace. my stuffed animals names are : pie, bing, doeg, balloon, pinkjinkapus, japan, peruse, jippy, e’jarbron, and the rest you can’t write out in the english language. Get more here: http://ecomsuccessacademy.net

i also have a shiz tzuh (i can never spell it)named sebastian. i call him “the wuzzler”


What Software Do I Use for My Webcam?


For my current webcam setup, I use the chillcam which is available at www.thegeek.com.

I also use Webcam32 by Neil Kolban. It is a shareware program, and is available at www.kolban.com.

if you’d like to know how to set up your own webcam, there is a good tutorial at peepingmoe. 


Is There Someway to Contact You?


anavoog at gmail dot com

i read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your emails and enjoy them more than words can express!, but i RARELY write back due to the fact that i just truly suck at getting back to people. i am the world’s worst procrastinator.

so if you don’t receive a reply, please don’t take it personally! but i read it ALL! it gives me energy to persevere! thank you thank you thank you! i hope you can understand. also, i do not read my email until the very end of my day, so don’t send me any requests to wave at you 🙂

please write in your email “for your eyes only” in the subject if you wish to not have your email published anywhere on my site. of course, if i put it up on my site i would never ever publish your email address! if you do not write “for your eyes only” in the subject of the email, i will take that as a “yes” from you that i can put your email up on my site someday for others to read.


How Do I Submit Anapix?

if anyone has any photoshop/artistic renditions of pix from my cam or just artistic interpretations of me, please send them to my address for viewer art: anavoog at gmail dot com

and i will put it in the anapix section:)

all anapix that you submit must be your own. by submitting an anapix, you are releasing us from any responsibilities or liabilities due to copyright infringement. we assume on good faith that the work you are submitting is your own.

please keep in mind that all submissions become the property of anacam/ana2, and will be used (or not used) in any manner i see fit. since the art is digital, make sure that you have your own copy, because i will not be able to send you back any of your art. and finally there is no monetary compensation whatsoever for your submissions. just my sincere appreciation for your time and creations!

people often ask me where do people get the anacam pictures to make anapix from. the answer is that they happen to see a picture on anacam or on ana2 that inspires them so they save it 🙂 also, lots of people get the pictures from the archives on ana2 with thousands of pictures.

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I am also trying out the fan page domination course by Anthony Morrison

In april I will be one of the first people to try out the facebook fan base domination course by Anthony Morrison. I will be posting the updates here on my website but you can also tune in to the live stream I will setup. In a nutshell this is a all in one course that will teach you all about growing your fan base online and an strong online presence with the use of Facebook Fan Pages.

One other thing that I am planning on is joining the Infinity Code Training by Ryan and Daniel. This will be an training based on amazon selling and I am thinking about selling my webcam diary on their marketplace. With these marketing strategies I can surely do it a lot better.

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