How To Smooth Out A Blurry Webcam Image with Anacam?

Have you ever tried to watch someone on webcam and their feed was blurry or choppy, it got real irritating, didn’t it? While the camera quality is what ultimately decides how good of a video is produced, there are a few ways that the quality can be improved. There are times the quality is bad simply due to the quality of the connection. If you find a constant problem, you may have to go in and make a few corrections in the software with Ana Voog.

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Your first task is to check the camera settings that are being used for the video software program All of these programs will have an options menu that allows you to make changes to your camera settings. You will want to make sure that your camera is optimized for the best settings online. You may need to look online or in an owner’s manual.


Instead of using your traditional WiFi connection, switch to an Ethernet connection. While most WiFi connections are fairly reliable, an Ethernet cable is going to provide a much more reliable connection. A live video feed will run much smoother if you are connected directly into your homes router.

If blurriness is the main problem, manually focus the webcam. Many webcams have a focus ring that is directly on the outer casing. Use this to focus the lens just as you would on a regular photography camera. Make sure that you are able to see a live feed on your screen to ensure you are focusing for the best quality by Anacam.

Be sure that all of the drivers and software for the webcam, video card, and video capture software are running on the latest version. Many times if these programs are running on software or drivers that are out of date, it could be the problem. In fact, ensuring that you are running the latest software is one of the most important aspects for providing a clear picture online.

How To Adjust Video And Audi Settings – by Ana Voog?

If you are using a LifeCam, you need to visit the settings in the LifeCam software to adjust the settings. If there is more than one webcam installed, you can choose which webcam you prefer to use.

If you happen to disconnect the LifeCam and reconnect it at a later date, you will have to restore the settings before the LifeCam will function as you desire.

Changing The Video Settings

Visit the LifeCam dashboard and navigate to the settings tab.

In order to change the video and photo resolution, you will need to select the proper resolution from the resolution list with anacam.

The proper settings for the best video quality depend on a number of factors such as the type of computer you are using, internet speed, even the level of lighting in the room. You may have to test several resolutions to find the perfect one for your situation inside anacam.

Finally, to minimize the image flicker, journey over to the settings tab and from the minimize image flicker section, check Flicker and ana voog.

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