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a hat of mine featured in pluckyfluff's delightful book HandSpun Revolution!

and another hat of mine featured in Dwell magazine!

interview with me at CrochetLab!

article on my hats at: SuperNaturale!


things currently for sale

if you would like me to create something specifically for you, email me. i can make one of a kind hats and outfits for the diva in you :)

if you want to be wearing something completely unique and that only you will ever own and wear. i am the person to create it for you!

good grief! how time flies! i need to update all of this soon! i have been busy with other things in life and art projects but i will get back to crocheting. i swear!

right now i am pregnant with my 1st child (a girl, due in late july! 2007) so i am rather preoccupied at the moment :)

but stay tuned! there will be more crochet here this year! *crosses fingers*


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"mad things, connected by hooks"

everything i make is one of a kind.
i make it up as i go along.
i do not knit, i freeform crochet, although maybe someday i will knit, and i plan to branch out into sewing soon. things that inspire my creations are sea creatures, plants (especially roots and gourds), cybernetics, science fiction, chaos theory, deconstruction, dreams, and futurism mixed with the distant past and a good dose of humour, absurdity and awkwardness mixed with the grace of beautiful accidents.

--- ana clara voog