Do You Want To Learn How To Use A Webcam?

The manner in which you use your webcam will depend greatly on the kind that you have.

If you have a camera that is attached to your computer by way of a USB cable, the cable length will dictate where you will be able to place it. Your USB cable cannot be very long, as your signal will degrade the longer it is.


USB Cable Length

When you have a stand-along webcam that uses a separate power cable and there is a power outlet nearby, you can use a cat 5 cable, or ethernet cable to connect your webcam to the wifi modem/router. This will then be connected to your computer setup. The ethernet cables can be about 100 meters in length, giving you plenty of options for the positioning of your webcam. Just be sure that you tuck the cable away safely so that you never trip over it.

Ethernet Cables

If you have purchased a wireless (wifi) webcam, a completely new set of options will become available to you. Such a webcam can be located further away from the computer, all depending on what international standard applies to the wireless webcam and router/modem that you have. For example, if you have a specification of IEEE 802.11g, you can use your wifi webcam at a distance of about 30 meters away or up to 100 meters away if you have the IEEE 802.11n, which is a long range option with Ana Voog

After the equipment is in place, you can get the software running, and you will soon have the desired images on your computer screen by way of your webcam.

Webcams are great for use in much more than making Skype calls. These are a few of the ideas that you can use for a webcam in your home:

– Try using a webcam so that you can watch your baby while he/she is asleep in the crib.
– Is there something attacking your garden? If so, point your webcam in that direction to see what is going on.
– Keep an eye on your pet outside, or any wildlife that interests you, such as rabbits, birds that are nesting, etc.
– Are you working at your computer but someone is at the front door? Aim your webcam at your home entrance to take a peek.