voog hat bio

i started crocheting may 21st, 2002.
my friend's husband's sister taught me the basic single stitch and from that moment onward, i became completely obsessed.
it even seems that somehow i am just accessing past knowledge. it feels like i have always known crochet. i am simply re-remembering it.

the next day i wrote this in my livejournal:

"[22 May 2002|02:41pm]
crocheting IS a fantasic analogy for life, as i knew it would be :)

where every action you take in life is a knot you make. what kind of actions determining the shape of the whole. you could make the same action over and over and you would come up with a sturdy basic structure but by learning a variety of knots, each done with discipline and intent, you make any shape you want for whatever purpose. by taking actions in life, each action done at the same time each day for the same duration each day you will produce the sturdiest most symetrical shape. do this with intent and change your actions/knots when you want to create a new shape. but each action/knot you make becomes the foundation for all future shapes and actions. so make certain that the knot you make is the knot you want to base future actions on. you cannot go back and undo one particular knot with taking apart everything you have done so far. if you make a mistake, with creativity, you can improvise it in to the pattern/shape and learn something new. and the entire shape/pattern really has no absolute beginning or end.

so everytime you make an action in life, ask yourself...is this a knot i want and trust to hook my future actions into? will this knot/action compromise the integrity of my shape/pattern/life? am i paying attention to what shape i am making by the actions i am doing? and is this a shape i want to create?

also, don't get so wrapped up in the details of your actions/knots, that you forget to step back and evaluate the greater picture of what you are making. there is a time and place for everything. balance is the key.

i now understand more completely the art of "mindfulness"

wow, all this insight from making one crazy hat/doily...ummm.THING!
by the time i figure out how to actually MAKE something *I* will be the dalai lama! :) "

and here is something i wrote in my livejournal a year and 1/2 later:

i am wondering if anyone else here feels a deeper connection to something spiritual while they are crocheting because i do.
firstly, it's meditation to me. i am a pretty high strung nervous person a lot, and crochet has really helped me stay grounded and calm down. secondly, when i'm crocheting, it feels like i am connecting to something really ancient and therefore that is also very grounding and it feels good to me to be connected in that way.
(i know in crochet history they say it has not been around for a long time...maybe i am just connecting to needlework in general).

also, it seems that crochet is just such a good analogy for so many things in life. the way things are interconnected. the way it is important to lay a good foundation. the way that there is joy in repetition. and the way that even a thousand mile journey begins with one step. it's also good for cultivating focus, discipline and patience.
and with free form it's good for trusting in yourself and the universe, following your heart, listening to your intuition, and not trying to force anything but let it be what it wants to be. to let go of attachment.
and like life, crochet seems to be more about the process than the final end result.

i also think there is a huge connection to even physics and higher mathematics. like string theory and sacred geometry.

i think that the process of crocheting a doily or a potholder could help to enhance spiritual enlightenment in the same way that tibetans create mandelas...and so many other worldwide religions and belief systems.

my first crochet:


something i wrote 2-17-04

how to make a hat (or a spaceship)

when you start out learning to crochet something...

start out using only crappy yarn u don't care about so you won't care if you make any mistakes. choose a plain kind of yarn (like good old white acrylic yarn that is nonfuzzy) so you can see your stitches.
then detach from all your expections and goals of how you want your finished piece to look and sometimes even what you want it to be.
let it be what it wants to be and let it lead you on a journey, not the other way around :) that is most important.
leave in the "mistakes". almost everything i have ever made has lead me to a better place than i thought i wanted to be when i left in the mistakes :)

almost like if you were building a house very slowly, so slowly that trees starting sprouting up inside the structure of your house (trees=mistakes/serendipity). but you decide to not pull up the tree and you change your plans a bit and build around it and incoorporate it in. pretty soon you have a lot of trees and the floor plans you had have to be rearranged as you go, so much so that the entire house is now a different shape than you had originally planned. but once you look back on what you have made you will see that your house is even more spectacular now than you ever could have imagined and you cannot imagine wanting a house without all of those trees growing through it. and the trees actually took you on a journey you did not expect and you learned more about architecture than you would have learned if you had stuck to your original plans. and maybe your house isn't even a house anymore but a treefort or a spaceship :)

this is how i make my hats :)